My name is Shane Cox and I am the founder and director of SC RHTYHM. I started drumming when I was just a wee lad and quickly developed a passion for drumming and music. As I ventured through the schooling system it became clear that everyday school work was a struggle for me. So Instead of studying and doing homework I would spend my time playing and practicing all types of instruments, writing songs and stories and even creating art with ink and paint. As I persevered through high school not much changed. I started making short films and was heavily involved in anything musical or theatrical thriving in a creative setting. I loved the idea of captivating people and removing them from reality and taking them anywhere I pleased. It was the one area I could really identify with and put all my passion into and see good results. Now venturing into my young adult years nothing has changed at all. I love music, I love creating things and I love drumming. I want to share this passion with young people, and teach them how to use this passion for music in a productive way.

I started this business in 2012 fresh out of high school without any real direction or ambition. It grew rapidly and I went from teaching at one school to teaching at five in the space of one year. As more and more students registered I was overwhelmed by the work load and had to quickly learn and adjust to running a small business full time. I made many mistakes and learned quickly as I matured as a business man and as a teacher. I have now restructured and revamped my business to handle more work and to give people the best experience possible with drum lessons. I offer an innovative online system that excels in organization and structure making practice a walk in the park and paying invoices painlessly easy.

In October 2016 I started working at an organization called Life without Barriers. In this role I work one on one with young people from a range of different backgrounds and life situations. I am constantly attending a range of different training courses to further my skills in working with kids and teenagers. Whilst my role as a drum teacher is to teach someone an instrument, it’s also a very relational role that gives me the ability to invest in the lives of young people in a different way. 

Drumming is an incredibly unique discipline that teaches determination, co-ordination, physical endurance, basic musical knowledge and an advanced rhythmic ability. Not only does it teach a student how to play an instrument, but it also teaches valuable life lessons that they can apply this to any area of their life. I expect the best from my students and for them to practice and work hard. I aim for Lessons to be fun and relaxed whilst still producing efficient results and for my students to continuously increase their skills in drumming. I’m passionate about seeing young people do life well, and I want all my students to learn how to thrive in drumming and in life. 

Legal Qualifications:

2017 Police Clearance - (Child Related Employment Screening)
2016 RAN Training
2017 Public Liability Insurance