Studio Policy

Paying an invoice

Staggered payments will no longer be accepted and you must pay the full amount by the given due date. If an invoice is not paid by the due date an instant overdue fee will apply the next day. If the invoice is then not paid including the late payment fee by the new due date, all lessons will cease until payment is fixed up. Whilst lessons have been suspended you will still be charged for the lessons as first planned at the start of the term.

Lesson Absence

It is imperative that if you want to cancel a lesson due to sickness or an inability to attend I must be notified by 8:30am that day so that I can reschedule lessons and adjust the day accordingly. If I am not notified by this time you will still be charged for this lesson. If a student misses a lesson without this notice for what ever reason, you will be charged. It is not up to the school to notify me, it is up to the student or the parent of the student to do so.

Cancelling Lessons

If you wish to cancel a lesson and do so in the correct time, the lesson cost will be refunded as a credit and will come off your next bill. If you wish to cease lessons all together for what ever reason, the money left on your account for the term will not be refunded. If you wish to suspend lessons until a certain date, the money you had left on your account will go towards your next bill when you resume lessons again. 

Student Punctuality

If a student is late to a lesson for any reason, this time will not be made up. It is the students responsibility to attend the lesson on time.

Student Communication

If you are a parent and would like to change a lesson time or have any questions about invoices or lessons you MUST contact me via phone or email. If a student has a message from a parent I will not take it as a serious form of contact as it is not fair on me or the student. Any changes to lesson times or payments MUST be organised directly with me. This saves everyone from getting confused by mixing up messages and/or words.