Studio Policy

Cancellation Policy
  • Only ONE free lesson cancellation per term (this includes no-shows, sickness, unavailability, school camp/excursions etc.)
  • “Free Cancel” lesson can be redeemed as ‘make up’ lesson or credited to your next term bill.
  • Any additional cancellations in that term will be charged at the full rate, regardless of reason for cancel.
  • Term invoices will be sent out prior to the commencement of lessons for that term, so please read your term invoice carefully and cross check all dates are able to be attended. If there are any discrepancies please notify me prior to the invoice due date so that this can be adjusted.
  • If you require a payment plan for your term account, please arrange this directly with me prior to the invoice due date.
  • Please note that no changes to the invoice or payment plans can be made past the invoice due date.

*Any invoices not paid by the due date will result in late fees and all lessons to be ceased until full payment is made.

Student Punctuality

If a Student is late for a lesson I will attempt to locate and collect them to participate in the remainder of the lessonHowever it is the student's responsibility to arrive to the lesson on time and any time taken to retrieve a student will be deducted from the overall lesson time.